Beige Lace Table Runner And Dresser Scarf Embroidered Rose Flower 16 By 72 Inch Long

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Size:16*72 Inch Quality-This is a very pretty, ornate, rose type runner.The translucent gauze extends across the breadth and length of the runner, up to the point of the edging, so the only open lacing is the edging itself. This lends quite a lovely, subtle glow to the whole thing when illuminated with warm white lighting. If you are at all concerned about the care involved in keeping a runner like this looking good, put your concerns away: This table runner washes well. It does not shrink and its stitching holds in place. Features – 100% Manufacturer Guaranteed! our products are designed with your complete satisfaction in mind. We work hard to create quality products, and we strive maintain superior customer service for our customers. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please feel free to contact us. Here is What A Few Of Our Raving Fans Are Saying ‘This is a simply gorgeous table runner.”This is an extremely beautiful table runner.”This table runner is lovely and the colors go great with the decor of your home.’


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